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Hey mpenzi we, nakupenda sana (Hey amor, te quiero mucho)
Mpenzi nakupenda (Amor te amo)
Mpenzi nakutaka (Amor te quiero)
Mpenzi nakupenda (mpenzi wangu) (Amor te amo, mi amor)
Mpenzi nakutaka (mpenzi wangu)
Mpenzi nakupenda (mpenzi wangu)
Mpenzi nakutaka (mpenzi wangu)
Hey mpenzi we, nakupenda sana

Hey mpenzi we, nakupenda sana
Mpenzi we
Hey mpenzi we, nakupenda sana
Mpenzi we

Verse 1
Mpenzi wangu (Amor mío)
Niko hapako nataka bwana sana (Me gusta ese chico)
Tulikosana (Le deseo)
Lakini hizo ni mambo za jana (Pero eso es algo del pasado)
Leo siku mpya (Hoy es un nuevo día)
Tuendelee (Sigamos adelante)
Tusahau (Olvidemos)
Zile makosa (Aquellos errores)
Then we can live and learn
All the precious things then we can earn
Forever, oh my baby wosa
I chose ya, to be my number moja
Through sickness and health
Through poverty and wealth
Living each and every day, baby as it comes
I got a love call to set your ball rolling
I made my plan, change my mind
I had to make you mine

Mpenzi, hakuna matata (Amor, no hay problema)
Kila kitu kitawa sawa sawa (Todo seguirá igual)
My lover, you don't have to worry
Everything will be alright

Mpenzi we

Verse 2
Nataka tuelewane (Quiero que me des)
Tuache kugombana (Dejemos ????)
Tabia kama yako (Ser como tú)
Yasio sikilizana
Kwa hivyo wacha tue (por eso dejemos de hacernos daño)
Bibi na bwana (Chico y chica)
Tuendelee mbele (Sigamos adelante)
Tuache makelele (Dejemos los gritos)
Mapenzi yawe tele (Llenarme de tu amor)
Milele na milele (Para siempre)
Cuz things ain't right between you and me
Nothing is the way that it is supposed to be
Something needs to be D O N E
Cuz I wanna get it on and kick it right with you
Prove that I am a man who knows what to do
I don't really wanna wait
It might get too late

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Here's my love baby come and take it (2x)
Cuz when I come, I come right inside
Me go ask and me shake business ...
Here's my love baby come and take it (2x)

I need your loving baby
Can I get it right away
I'll rather not wait
It's been long since you been gone
I've got quality time lady
All reserved just to be with you
Ain't no worries at all
Girl I know just what I got

My lover is you
I wanna be with you
No worries at all
I wanna rock your world
My mpenzi

Repeat Chorus till fade

Hey mpenzi

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